Thursday, January 5, 2012

Libra Tampons Commercial Song Shout by Lulu And The Luvvers. (Original version by The Isley Brothers)

it's so funny. I think this advert is absolutely brilliant. Actually, gender is something that society made up. Man and woman are something humanity Made up. Therefore, that's all in your mind.

Libra Tampons Commercial
Song: Shout by Lulu And The Luvvers (Original version by The Isley Brothers)

Libra, SCA's brand for feminine care products in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji has launched new tampons with tapered tip for easy insertion, unique wavy grooves to maximise protection, fun new prints that twist to open and knotted string for easy removal. Learn more

Song: Shout by Lulu And The Luvvers (Cover Version)
Release: 1964
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Song: Shout by The Isley Brothers (Original Version)
Released: September 21, 1959 (From the album Shout!)
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This is an ad for Libra tampons. Tampon maker Libra has apologised after its new ad was branded outrageously transphobic and caused a storm of controversy on social media websites.

Libra Tampons Commercial Australia
Song: Unknown (What is the song?)

In a statement issued tonight, Libra said it regrets any offence taken to the New Zealand television commercial, which implied transgender people are not real women because they do not menstruate. Libra said it was never intended to upset or offend anyone.Learn more